Abdelkader Berrahmoun is a language educator, curriculum developer,  historian, presenter,
consultant and author. Mr. Berrahmoun hails from Oran, Algeria. He specializes in content-based Arabic and French instruction that interweaves issues of culture, history, international relations, religion, gender and social activism .

Abdelkader Berrahmoun

Specialist in arabic and french

In 2011, Professor Berrahmoun interviewed renowned linguist, author, historian and political commentator, Noam Chomsky. The interview focused on Chomsky's views of U.S.-Middle East relations. The Smith College/ Five Colleges community in Northampton, MA accessed the interview via the Oasis Radio Show - a program initiated by Mr. Berrahmoun to engage his students in meaningful, real-life applications of the Arabic language.

Middle East studies association Conference 2018 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

conference Presentation:

Evolution of the Algerian Women’s Struggle: freedom fighting,

equal rights, nation building and emancipation

Voices of Africa: Emerging opportunities

in the 21st century

Middlebury institute for international studies at monterey, 2015

Professor Berrahmoun conceived and co-organized this conference to address the challenges and positive developments taking place in contemporary Africa, from an authentic Afrocentric perspective. Pictured here: Mr. Berrahmoun (center) with guest presenters Dr. Ali Fares (left) and Professor Damascus Kafumbe (right), speaking respectively on Climate Change and African Arts and Culture.

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