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Abdelkader Berrahmoun  offers consultation to educational, cultural and business clients on a range of topics related to the history, culture, politics, religion and women's movements of the Arab world.  Consultation may take place by phone, Skype or in person. Mr. Berrahmoun is also available to serve as an online language instructor,  guest lecturer, panelist and presenter. Please send a  message via the contact form for further info on rates and availability.

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Lectures and Presentations

Guest Speaker at the following institutions:

  • 2018: Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, CA. Modern History of the Arab World course.

        Host: Professor Rana Issa

  • 2016: Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA.      Topic: History of Algeria, French colonialism and post-independence. Host: Professor Bassam Frangieh

  • 2014:  University of California, Washington D.C. Center.      Topic: Arab Nationalism and Egyptian-Algerian historical relationship. Host: Professor Ahmad Atef Ahmad  (Skype presentation)

  • 2013: Boston University, Boston, MA. Arabic Media class.      Topic:  Arab Spring movement.   Host: Senior Lecturer, Djamal Bekkai.  (Skype presentation)

  • 2011: Smith College, Northampton, MA. Topic: Transitions to Democracy in North Africa.                                            Host: Professor Gregory White

  • 2010: Brookwood School, Manchester, MA.             Topic: Arabic world cultures, history and religions


Presenter/Panelist at the following events:


  • 2019: MESA (Middle East Studies Association) 2019 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.      Presentation topic: Political Opposition in Algeria

  • 2019 : Davidson College, North Carolina, The Arabic Spring course.       Panel topic: Current Events in Algeria.    Host: Davidson College Visiting Assistant Professor Rayed Khedher   

  • 2019 : Oregon State University, Oregon, CA, Contemporary France course.       Panel topic: immigration and Islam in France.    Host: OSU Associate Professor Nabil Boudraa

  • 2018: MESA (Middle East Studies Association) 2018 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.      Presentation topic: equal rights, nation building and emancipation: Evolution of the Algerian women's struggle from 1954 to the present

  • 2017: Oregon State University, Oregon, CA, Contemporary France course.       Panel topic: French -U.S. historical relationship.    Host: OSU Associate Professor Nabil Boudraa

  • 2014: Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, CA. Panel topic: Africa. Host: African Nations Club

  • 2013: Smith College, Northampton, MA. Panel topic: Algeria and Mali

  • 2012:  Massachusetts Foreign Language Association, Sturbridge, MA. Presentation topic:   “Use of radio shows in a language classroom.”

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