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Abdelkader Berrahmoun is a language educator, curriculum developer,  historian, presenter,
consultant and author. Mr. Berrahmoun hails from Oran, Algeria. He specializes in content-based Arabic and French instruction that interweaves issues of culture, history, international relations, religion, gender and social activism .

Abdelkader Berrahmoun

Kader in Suit.jpg

Specialist in arabic and french

Kader and Noam Chomsky at MIT 2011.jpg

In 2011, Professor Berrahmoun interviewed renowned linguist, author, historian and political commentator, Noam Chomsky. The interview focused on Chomsky's views of U.S.-Middle East relations. The Smith College/ Five Colleges community in Northampton, MA accessed the interview via the Oasis Radio Show - a program initiated by Mr. Berrahmoun to engage his students in meaningful, real-life applications of the Arabic language.

Middle East studies association Conference 2018 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

conference Presentation:

Evolution of the Algerian Women’s Struggle: freedom fighting,

equal rights, nation building and emancipation


Voices of Africa: Emerging opportunities

in the 21st century

Middlebury institute for international studies at monterey, 2015

Professor Berrahmoun conceived and co-organized this conference to address the challenges and positive developments taking place in contemporary Africa, from an authentic Afrocentric perspective. Pictured here: Mr. Berrahmoun (center) with guest presenters Dr. Ali Fares (left) and Professor Damascus Kafumbe (right), speaking respectively on Climate Change and African Arts and Culture.

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